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Danganronpa Abridged Thing Episode 1 Transcript

Hey guys, i’m starting to get into transcription! I’m new to this so to sentences that has a “(?)” means that i am unsure on what the characther said. And forgive my grammar and spelling, i made this in a hurry.

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So, I just purchased Undertale from Steam. And.. So far.. Umm.. I hate to admit it but I’m addicted to it! It’s a great game even when it didn’t look interesting at first, I’ve watched a few Undertale gameplays so I’m not “clueless” on what to do. I’m doing a merciful route even if I’m on Neutral route, this is what I’m doing:

1. I’m not killing anyone, I even went through sparing Papyrus and Toriel even if its hard to.
2. Not attacking a single monster, I just ACT.
3. I’m trying to befriend everyone even though it’s not a pacifist route.
4. Have some fun!

My new beagle! 

So, while i was gone i just got a new Beagle puppy! She is a girl and her name is Maddy. No, i didn’t intent on naming her like that. But sadly this little puppy is adopted, so i can’t give her another name.
For this past few weeks, i have been training her basic commands. And it went well considering on how hard it is to teach beagles basic commands. So far she only knows how to sit and how to roll over, but i haven’t finished training her how to roll over. Oh and she already responds if people call her name, well. She didn’t know her name at first because the person who gave it didn’t teach her name.

So far, she’s so cute. She’s the most adorable thing i have ever seen. Im teaching her how to become a better puppy each day.

So far people torture her. Once i brought her over at my Grandmother’s house because of a party. Then some kids from the family which i dont know (unwelcomed to touch my pup) kept bugging her as she is trying to sleep, and kept feeding her  treats that i had to hide it from their dirty, unwelcomed hands. My father said stop feeding her to the kid but the idiotic kid insisted and fed her anyways, i was lucky to pick up the treat becore she even sniffed it and put it back on the bag. Okay, even if you’re a kid. Doesn’t mean all people will understand on why they are a dumb**, didn’t this kids’ parents taught him not to mess around with people’s animals and stuff? If yes they teach the kid not to but he did it anyways, then kudos to you lil kid: you earned an award for being a deaf kid and not listening to your parents.

If no then i understand why, so i learned a lesson here:

Be strict and don’t let your dog interact to unwanted people

Well that’s it for this blog post and sorry if it isn’t gaming related and a contains salty stuff.

Yandere Simulator Is Banned From Twitch

Wow Twitch, i see no reason for you guys to ban it. It’s just a game about a high school girl eliminating another rival. And the pure bs is:
THEY GIVE NO REASON FOR THE BAN. Well yeah if you guys provided a reason to ban it then YandereDev can try and fix it, but no reason for a ban? Good job, Twitch. You are now an idiot, now go ahead and ban GTA 5 mkay?

Yandere Simulator Development Blog

Yesterday, Yandere Simulator was banned from That’s a real shame, because is, by far, the most dominant game streaming website on the Internet. Twitch almost has a monopoly on game streaming. There are some noteworthy competitors, but Twitch’s reach and visibility is beyond anything else available. As a result, when Twitch refuses to allow a certain game to be broadcasted, it deprives that game of a lot of visibility.

You can find out more information by watching this video:

In this video, I mentioned that I’d be willing to modify some of the game’s content in order to make it acceptable for broadcast – the key word there is “some“. I would only be willing to change minor and insignificant things that aren’t part of my vision for the game, such as the skin texture during Titan Mode or the size of steam…

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You know what? I change my mind

It’s about time i decided to continue this blog, i can’t just keep making new blogs and leaving old ones. I change my mind, i’m posting here again. I can’t post random stuffs so i’ll just take a while whenever i make a blog post here.


I’m back 🙂


Sorry to say but this blog from now on will be permanently inactive, i’m sorry i can’t keep you all up with news.. This is the very last post i’ll make, goodbye..

Psycho pass (Episode 19 over 22)

Lol sorry for shocking you all that i’m currently watching Psycho Pass and is already in episode 19 in like 3 days, i posted this blog post late because i was busy with some stuff, but the anime is good so far. The guns are called Dominators, they can transform/change modes according to the person’s criminal hue.

Below 150
Non-lethal paralyzer, which if shot paralyzes the target’s body. Allowing arrest.

Above 200
Lethal Eliminator, which if shot it destroys the target’s body (human). Turns you into a pile of blood and flesh, nasty. 😡

Robots With Criminal Hues (B till A+ i think?)
Destroy decomposer, just the same with Lethal Eliminator but this time it is specialized in eliminating robots or drones. Boom, they turn into a pile of oil leaking from their dead metal thingy. Nasty…

I guess that’s all, since i’m nearing the anime’s end. I guess i could be obsessed with Psycho Pass’s cool characther named Shinya Kogami (fix me if i’m wrong(name)).


Game Review: Osu!

Yo, another post here. And today i will be reviewing a game Osu! it’s a game where you play songs (or so called beatmaps in the game itself), made by users! (yes, made by the Osu! users.). Even some of your favorite songs are there, let’s launch the game.

Here’s what the title menu looks like:


Great, huh? The GUI is also smooth, which is why i like this game. That’s not all to be honest, let’s get into the beatmaps.. So, here’s a list of the beatmaps i downloaded from the Osu! :


I’ll play the anime Kyoukai No Kanata’s Opening, okay. Let’s play!


This is how the game looks like ^^ hehe, if you want to know that those circles are:

Refer to this link, they are called Hit Objects. There are some Hit Objects that look like this:


Yes, they are what we call: Spinners. You have to spin the spinner until the circle reaches the dot. You see over there? (the picture). Guess that’s all.

I’ll rate this game: 8.5. It’s because it gets kinda boring after a while, but i’ll never stop playing this game..

That’s all folks!

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