Hey guys, i’m starting to get into transcription! I’m new to this so to sentences that has a “(?)” means that i am unsure on what the characther said. And forgive my grammar and spelling, i made this in a hurry.

Makoto Naegi: I’m Makoto Naegi and i’m a new student here at Hope’s Peak Academy, i’m just your everyday teenager who was lucky enough to be invited to this prestigious school. I’m going to take this opportunity by the horks(?) and bravely face every trial that comes by–

Monokuma: Pupupupupu

Makoto: Aaaahhh–

*Intro Song Plays*

Makoto: Aaaahh.. Oh wait what, who the hell are you?

Monokuma: Well, if you’re done monologuing. My name’s Monokuma! I’m half hope and half despair. Des-bear, bear. You get it?

Makoto: I don’t get any of this..

Monokuma: Oh, you know what i don’t care go talk to those other losers.

Makoto: Hey what are you talking about– AHHH WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!

Byakuya Togami: Would you stop your screaming you penniless fermin. You’re damaging the esteemed ears of Byakuya Togami!

*information about him pops out*

Togami: See, that’s my name.

Makoto: I also acknowledged that thing, okay.

Yasuhiro Hagakure: Sup bruh i’m totally calling predicted thing an–(?) do you owe me some money?

*Yamada hops in*
Hifumi Yamada: Yes it seems that you remind me of a video game i like video games, do you like video games? I refuse to associate for with you who don’t.

*Ishimaru slides in*

Kiyokotaka Ishimaru: Do not listen to such poison, games are not welcome in a school environment! This is a place of grave seriosuness, do you not agree, classmate?

Makoto: You’re scaring me.

Ishimaru: Fear is not welcome in a school environment!

*Camera pans to Junko and Maizono*

Junko Enoshima: OMG! Like, do you have to like talk about like school environment like all time? That’s so like lameeee!

Chihiro Fujisaki: Umm.. Not to be a bother.. But.. Um.. (?)

*Makoto monologues*

Makoto: At this moment i was aware about how adorable this girl was and help me to accept to get hit and how acceptable it was(?)

*Camera pans to Celeste*

Celestia Ludenberg: There’s no need to be bothered with such trivals(?) we should make ourselves comfortable and *I WILL WATCH YOU BURN* and adapt to our new environment *IT IS OUTNUMBERED(?)*

Makoto: Ahh…

Celestia: Hehehe!

Mondo Owada: Look at those, those walls don’t scare me(?) i’m sure if i hit it a bunch it will solve our problems,(?) and yes that is my answer to everything.

*Camera pans to Leon*

Leon Kuwata: I was gonna say, anyway dude i’m Leon and i’m–

Aoi Asahina: *cuts Leon off*Nobody cares about you! Hiiii~ i’m Aoi Asahina, i like sports and donuts and that’s it.

Makoto: Oh, you’re well rounded are you?

Asahina: Like a donut?

Sakura Oogami: Asahina, do not make a fool of yourself in front of the newcomer.

*from the background*Asahina: DID YOU SAY DONUTS?!!!

Oogami: Greetings, i see you too is a follower of the warrior’s ways.

Makoto: Umm… Yeah, not really.

Oogami: I pray that we that we cross paths on the battlefields some day soon

Makoto: Ahahahaha…

Toko Fukawa: Ah! Social interactions g-g-get it away from me!

Makoto: I-i’m sorry?

Fukawa: I have to b-b-blog about this!

Kyouko Kirigiri: If i had to guess, i say you were a fan of an animation porn site.(?)

Makoto: WHAT?!

Kirigiri: Ah, my suspiciouns were confirmed. Most interesting, we’ll take note of this for future reference.

Makoto: Um, i’m just gonna hit the emergency exit to this conversations now bye.

Sayaka Maizono: Naegi? Is that you? Konnichiwa!

Makoto: Oh hey what’s up Maizono? WAIT MAIZONO, WHAT?!

Maizono: Ehehehe.. You’re such a silly baka Naegi-kun! Hai, watashi wa Sayaka Maizono desu!

Makoto: Yeah i know your name’s Maizono, b-b-but wait you remember me?

Maizono: Well, sumimase Naegi! You think just because Maizono was a super famous sugoi idol in a totally kawaii princess suit she’d forget the little people?

Makoto: Kinda yeah– wait, did you call me little?

Togami: Would you mind cutting out the sickening chatter? You’re causing discomfort to the esteemed got(?) of Byakuya Togami! Besides, i believe that mascot characther is more to blabber about.

Monokuma: I sure do, four-eyes! Anyways you’re all finished introducing yourselves right? Got to know a good brother? Awesome! Now kill each other!

Makoto: Come again?

Monokuma: You heard me, you heard about things real here!(?) More hunger games would you prefer, you freaking weirdo.(?)

Leon: Dude, you actually want us to murder our classmate–

Monokuma: I’m just gonna cut you off there with the, YES! Like space there’s so many characthers here and why people would react to such a bloated cast.(?) We gotta pin the numbers today.

Chihiro: Umm… Mrs. Monokuma or whatever, what are the actual death causes?(?)

Monokuma: I’m not even gonna dignify that with an answer, so here’s a statement instead:  KILL EACH OTHER!

Chihiro: Oh no!

Maizono: Damenasu!!!

Junko: Like, are you like, seriously?

Ishimaru: Murder is not welcome in a school environment!

Togami: You have deemed the curiousity of Byakuya Togami!

Hagakure: Wait, why do we have to do the work. Can’t you just stuff out the least interesting people out yourself?

Togami: You’re just asking for death are you?

Monokuma: No, no, no! You have to turn on each other! That way there’s all sorts of drama and suspense. You know, friend againts friend. Brother againts brother! That guy.. Againts.. I don’t know, that emotionless broad over there!

Kirigiri: You don’t wash your hands after urinating, do you?

Monokuma: Oh man!

Kirigiri: My suspiciouns were again confirmed.

Monokuma: Anyway get to it! Let’s see and ecostrimical (?) murder up in here!

Naegi: It occured to me that anytime i could die in any moment, i figured the most friggid thing to do is lock myself in a room where nobody can find me.

Maizono: Iiiii found you!

Naegi: Gyaaaahhhh!!!

Maizono: Relax, Naegi-kun. Maizono-hime is going to keep you safe!

Makoto: Wait, is that so?

Maizono: Hai! You can trust me, i’m sugoi kawaii bakabaka ichigo trustuly desu! (?)

Makoto: In a school where everyone is supposed to kill one another.

Maizono: Of course, Naegi-kun. Now get some rest neko-kittycat, nyang-nyang!

Makoto: Will do! […] Why does my bed feel like knives?

Maizono: Maizono put them there, to proteectt you!

Makoto: Wowwww…

Maizono: Go to sleep Naegi-kun!

Makoto: Please leave!

*Camera switches to everyone in the cafeteria*

Asahina: So any luck, guys? Did you find any DONUTS?

Ishimaru: These are troubling circumtances indeed! This school environment is not welcome in a school environment! I mean.. Umm..

Fukawa: This sucks! So many people, i can’t stand people.

Celestia: It’s fine by me, i’m certain we can coexist if we at it *YOU WILL BEG FOR JET(?)”

Leon: Yeah.. I want out, this is crazy dude–

Asahina: DONUTS!

Leon:*in the background* Will people quit cutting me off?!

Chihiro: What about donuts?

Asahina: That’s all i gotta say.

Kirigiri: It’s only a matter of time before one of us commits murder, if i had to guess. I say we will ne-

Togami: You underestimate my rising desire to kill-

Monokuma: WHY ARE YOU ALL STILL ALIVE?! Seriously, this is boring as hell! Dragged in an enclosed space with high school kids, i wanna win someone’s life faster then you could say: Sai-night-cookies(?)

Makoto: Hey i can’t speak for everybody here but i do not intend to kill anyone!

Monokuma: Oh, is that sooo? UpupupupuUpupupupu!

Makoto: It was then i was found staring down a sinister DVD taunting me with its hastefuly scribbled title, i just knew that our kidnapper had prepared something horrifying for us.

*Video plays*

Monokuma *Recording*: You wanna see what Maizono looks like under those clothes?

*Screen pops out with words: Find out after you kill someone!”

Makoto: I was both horrified and harassed, harassed as you might say. But that said there is no way he was telling the truth.

Maizono: AAAHHH! Where did he get those pictures? Baka! BAKABAKABAKABAKA!

Monokuma: You’d surprised on what you can find on the internet, touch(?)

Kirigiri: Integruing, you’d offer us the same inscentive of an naked idolistic girl

Monokuma: Don’t act like you’re not curious.

Kirigiri: You’re more perceptive than you look.

Monokuma: And if nobody dies in the next 2 days, you can expect to be flooding with other pictures!

Makoto: Oh yeah, like what?
*A picture of monokuma wearing a bikini appears on the screen*

Monokuma: Pupupupupupu

Makoto: GAAHHHHH!!!!!!


*Ending and credits plays*