Lol sorry for shocking you all that i’m currently watching Psycho Pass and is already in episode 19 in like 3 days, i posted this blog post late because i was busy with some stuff, but the anime is good so far. The guns are called Dominators, they can transform/change modes according to the person’s criminal hue.

Below 150
Non-lethal paralyzer, which if shot paralyzes the target’s body. Allowing arrest.

Above 200
Lethal Eliminator, which if shot it destroys the target’s body (human). Turns you into a pile of blood and flesh, nasty. 😡

Robots With Criminal Hues (B till A+ i think?)
Destroy decomposer, just the same with Lethal Eliminator but this time it is specialized in eliminating robots or drones. Boom, they turn into a pile of oil leaking from their dead metal thingy. Nasty…

I guess that’s all, since i’m nearing the anime’s end. I guess i could be obsessed with Psycho Pass’s cool characther named Shinya Kogami (fix me if i’m wrong(name)).