Yo, another post here. And today i will be reviewing a game Osu! it’s a game where you play songs (or so called beatmaps in the game itself), made by users! (yes, made by the Osu! users.). Even some of your favorite songs are there, let’s launch the game.

Here’s what the title menu looks like:


Great, huh? The GUI is also smooth, which is why i like this game. That’s not all to be honest, let’s get into the beatmaps.. So, here’s a list of the beatmaps i downloaded from the Osu! :


I’ll play the anime Kyoukai No Kanata’s Opening, okay. Let’s play!


This is how the game looks like ^^ hehe, if you want to know that those circles are:

Refer to this link, they are called Hit Objects. There are some Hit Objects that look like this:


Yes, they are what we call: Spinners. You have to spin the spinner until the circle reaches the dot. You see over there? (the picture). Guess that’s all.

I’ll rate this game: 8.5. It’s because it gets kinda boring after a while, but i’ll never stop playing this game..

That’s all folks!