Hey guys, i’m gonna do another game review! This time it’s Mortal Kombat X…

Let’s start:

  This is similar to Injustice: Gods Among Us…
But nevermind that! Don’t mind my levels, i just got D’Vorah and Scorpion from the Kard Pack..

Ok let’s get into the battle mechanics:

 Cool, you can tag in your teammates. The battle system is similar to Injustice..

This game is awesome! I like the battle mechanics.  This is what happens when you use skills, there’s a wheel that increases your power if you press the screen at the right time. Yeah, yeah, lets pwn the enemy.
Wait? What ‘s this? Ally attacks, so you find a person online and use his/her person. Yes now i can find a person with a gold characther card and use his/her X-ray skills 😭😭

Let’s rate:

Graphics: 9/10

Gore: 6/10 (you can see gore but the blood won’t spread at the floor in fatalities.)

Mechanics : 8/10


  1. This game is fun to play and free.
  2. Graphics looks more realistic.


  1. You can’t do fatalaties except in boss fights. (Worse part, you can only do fatalaties with special characthers)
  2. Less characthers (Raiden, etc.)
  3. Uses energy system (limits your gameplay)

Welp, that’s all for another game review folks!